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Should You Buy Marijuana Online?

I have been searching for a very long time now , and I know there are lots  of you reading this now , who have also been searching , surfing the web looking for safe and secured sources to get pot , weed or should you buy marijuana online ?  You would notice , a lot of websites pop up claiming to sell , and ship marijuana to you regardless of the state being legal or not .

Can You Buy Marijuana Online?

The answer is yes you can and there are websites out there that will sell you anything from straight bud to, wax, oil, edibles and shatter. Well here is the problem if you live in the USA. Marijuana is legal only in specific states ,from the perspective of the Federal government. Now here is where the contradiction starts because pot is basically legal and illegal at the same time even in the states have decided on legalization.

Federally marijuana is illegal however since some states have decided to legalize it the federal government has not taken action in those states.

How should you Buy Marijuana online Safely

I am not an attorney or a lawyer and this isn’t some sort of legal advice , but just my explanation of what works for me , and has been working for me .

So here is the issue with buying marijuana online , SHIPPING ;  mmj in the mail the minute a package crosses state lines it becomes a federal matter and since our federal government considers marijuana a Schedule I drug that has no medicinal value and is considered to have a high propensity for abuse, trafficking such a substance can result in some jail time of no more than 5 years and that is for anything above 50grams and as the weight goes up so does the time you can do.

Well ordering smaller quantities regularly can always get lots of patients and smokers by pass these laws as well and getting packaging wrapped with stealth materials , also prevents so much lots of these customs and Federal scanners from picking up the contents of the packages .

Discreet Shops are discussed in another article, so you can as well just go there and order immediately , and they will do the job for you . Come back with your reviews after getting your orders .

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