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Medicinal cannabis

Medical cannabis was legalized in this way, following changes in Federal legislation in 2016.

Sales of cannabis, even when undertaken for medical reasons, quantities are regulated for a number of reasons which we have covered elsewhere.

A substantial proportion of police resources go towards capturing people who break these laws or consume over the limits . In total, across Australia, the government spends around $1.1bn on enforcing drug policy as a whole. Of that, roughly two thirds of expenditure is used on matters related to the enforcement of cannabis laws and, of that, about 80% of expenditure is related to pursuing people on possession charges.


What happens if you are caught with non medicinal cannabis (‘adult’ or ‘recreational’) cannabis in Australia?

Buying cannabis can open the door to number of criminal problems for you if not bought or ordered from the right sources or in a right way . In Australia, The police have the power to search you, so long as they believe there is a reasonable chance you might be holding any type of drug, including cannabis. They also have the right to stop you, at random if you’re driving and perform a drug test.

  • If you’re caught with a small amount:
    The specifics change according to the state you’re in and generally, a ‘small amount’ won’t get you sent to jail.However, in many cases, even those simply possessing the ‘paraphernalia’ of drugs can be subject to written or verbal warnings . You’ll generally get a caution for a small amount. After 2 cautions, you’ll have to go to court and that could result in a fine or imprisonment.
  • If you are found to have had more substantial involvement with cannabis or with a larger quantity in your possession:
    More serious activities related to dealing with cannabis such as trafficking and exportation (anything which would move the drug in and or out of Australia) fall under the auspices of the Federal Police / boarder control.
  • If you have a prescription

Having a prescription works perfectly as you can neither be arrested or fined if you have a medical prescription covering that .

Contact us , and we can work out getting your prescriptions written by our medical team , or order directly from the dispensary .

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