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buy Marijuana in Thailand

If you definitely , are reading this page, then must have searched online , looking for Marijuana and dope in Thailand, first thing I’d like to ask is….Have you ever tried this before ? Marijuana is prohibited in Thailand and is completely illegal which makes it so difficult for any regular vendor to actually provide Marijuana safely online in Thailand. You might have heard stories about people getting high in Thailand however they are really walking a fine line, ever heard the story Bangkok Hilton? Yeah, buying drugs in Thailand isn’t a bad idea you just need to know what to do and who to talk to .

Some well known spots to buy Marijuana in Thailand have been listed below where you can order Marijuana and safely have it delivered.To buy weed in Thailand  or purchase Marijuana in Thailand.

buy Marijuana in Thailand
buy Marijuana in Thailand

Where to Buy Marijuana in Bangkok

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“In this article, you will find a lot of “hot spots” to buy weed online in Thailand. To actually get to the real vendors , you have to be as discreet as possible , since the vendors only prefer discreet dealing. As a tourist, I spent a few days asking middle age people for the “goods.” Finally, I came up with a solution. THIS PLAN WORKS. I got in a “tuk tuk,” with a young driver. At a red light I kindly asked him if he could get me some….Marijuana . He placed an order for me at BuyAllWeed Online Dispensary , and before we got to my hotel room , I already had been delivered my weed because I paid with Bitcoins but they are generally fast with deliveries I must say.

“The best way to find weed is to go online and make the order discreetly, and if you can , Pay in Bitcoins so it stays anonymous . Never buy dope off of Thai people (No offence, na khrub!) without a referral from an Expat FIRST! If I was Thai, and all of you fools (multicoloured monkies) were coming to my country and making a mess, I would GLADLY help the cops and get your ass busted for a few extra bucks. Wouldn’t you?” That is the mentality every one in Thailand has , so it makes it so hard trusting them .

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Buying Marijuana Online is safer than at local dispensaries.
We will never share or disclose your information with anyone for any reason.

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